Tonja Evetts Weimer


People often seek coaching because they feel they're at an impasse in some area of their lives. They want a shift, an infusion of possibility and new ideas, and most of all, a different outcome, but they don't know where to find them.

Coaches ask empowering questions that help their clients look within to find beliefs and personal truths of which they may not have been aware. This Socratic method facilitates the discovery of unique and personal answers based on individual values, preferences and perspectives.

My clients become very clear about what they truly want, what their personal vision is for their lives, what their goals are for achieving that vision, and what actions they are willing to take. Most people want to improve the quality of their lives and their relationships; others want to find their significant one.

My clients receive premium and highly individualized care with a coaching program tailored to their specific challenges.

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