Tonja Evetts Weimer


Tonja has been coaching singles, professionals, and individuals for over ten years. Her results are nothing short of amazing; just ask her former clients who have found their significant relationship, made advances in their careers that they never felt possible, discovered their true occupational joy, or simply brought more happiness into their lives. Tonja holds an M.A. in Human Development from San Francisco State University, is a Master's Certified Single's Relationship Coach (MCRC), and a Certified Life Coach (ACC). But it is not her qualifications that set her apart as an outstanding coach whom facilitates such success in her clients. Tonja has talent for working with people with an insight rarely paralleled.

Tonja grew up on a ranch outside of Bakersfield, CA, the daughter of cowboys who migrated from the Oklahoma dustbowl. Her father was a renowned cattle auctioneer; her mother competed in the Grand National Rodeo at 83 years old. Tonja studied atop haystacks and tractors to eventually earn a scholarship that led to her Master's in Human Development. She worked with children in Harlem in the sixties, won grants to work with developmentally disabled children in Pittsburgh in the eighties.

Tonja was a children's author and educator for over thirty years, working as a consultant to educational programs worldwide, and winning 22 awards for her 7 books, 6 albums and 2 videos for children, including her album, Space Songs for Children, which was taken aboard flights of the U.S. Space Shuttle. In 2002, Tonja suffered Spasmodic Dysphonia, a condition that left her unable to sing and perform to the thousands of children that packed auditoriums to see her nationwide. With over thirty years of her career behind her, most people would have viewed such an incident as a sign to retire. Instead, she says the opportunity allowed her to "find a new voice" - a personal transformation not unlike the change she inspires in others.

Tonja is an award-winning newspaper columnist and the author of Thriving After Divorce: Transforming your life when a relationship ends (Beyond Words, 2010).